Students Workshop: Unleash Your Latent Power

Er. Sachdeva inaugurating the Workshop

A workshop for students was organised under CSD’s flagship program ‘LEAD’ at DAV Sundernagar. Students Workshop: Unleash Your Latent Power was inaugurated by Er. S.P. Sachdeva by lighting a lamp in the august presence of Mohit Chug, Principal of DAV Sundernagar. The workshop aimed to empower and inspire the students to enable them to handle their studies and career more efficiently. The biggest challenge with the studies in present time is that students have lot many options and distractions. The options available create lots of confusion in students mind to keep track with their studies and career. The workshop engaged students in various exercises and sessions to help them plan their studies and career.

Students participating in one of the sessions of Dr. Pawanesh

Dr. Pawanesh guided taught them how to remain positive and motivated, visualisation, and mindmapping. These techniques will help them to study smartly and will also them handle stress.

Abhishek Awasthi guiding students through 'Capability Framework'

Abhishek Awasthi took the students on a tour of vital personal attributes in his session on ‘Capability Framework’. He told them about determination, self-discipline, resilience, flexibility, honesty and creativity.

Participants in a group photo

It was,probably, first such opportunity for local students to introspect into themselves and discover themselves. Kritika Sharma one of the participants said,” Todays program was awesome. I had lots of fun. . . . It was one of the most memorable day of my life”. Sachin Mandhotra says,” I would like to thank all the members of team LEAD who has come to give knowledge about the special abilities of our mind.Now I am feeling very confident about my exams. Now I can concentrate in my studies”. Ritvik Salaria,”Today I attended your workshop I really loved your relaxation technique …”

Students in one of the session


NLP mini week charges Sundernagar

Prof. Leo Lobo and Dr. Amit Goswamy conducting workshops the NLP way

Sundernagar witnessed a first ever powerpacked NLP miniweek in Himachal Pradesh.NLP workshops were organised under Project ‘LEAD’jointly by Centre for Sustainable Development and Nova Bangalore.
Prof. Leo Lobo from Bangalore & Dr. Amit Goswamy from Delhi kept audience mesmerized with their wit, humor & understanding of human behavior.Participants were left wondering about Positive Power, Enthusiasm & Energy the trainers possessed. It was perhaps the BIGGEST NLP EVENT in Himachal Pradesh.
It started with students of GHS Maloh on November 26,2011. It was a memorable day in the life of students. It was for the first time ever that a NLP workshop was organised for a rural school. They learnt a complex NLP skill called MODELING. They danced, they sang, they shouted & ………..they LEARNT .They learnt by basics of learning. They learnt basics of English. They started by interaction & modeling.In a two hour session the students learnt 50 new words, a song and dance step. Kids were expecting a tough session in a tough language. It turned out to be a fun filled session of their life. When they were asked to ask question, they had only one question “When will you come next”? The transformation in confidence & energy was amazing.

Parents deconditioning in Parents Workshop

The evening was for anxious parents who wanted to have a better understanding of their children, ‘The Workshop on Parenting’. They wanted to know the secret they did not know. Session started at 4 PM in the comforts of Hotel Chinar. Parents had questions, they wanted to bring the genius out of their child. They wanted to learn their unique needs, demands, mood changes & rebellious behavior at times.The workshop started with various stages of development of personality of a child beginning with the conception in womb to first five years & onwards and finally into teens and adulthood. Prof. Lobo and Dr. Goswamy led them through various experiential exercises to give them an understanding of child’s mind and behavior. Well, they got more than the information they needed. They experienced it…..they laughed, played, related, understood & ……LEARNT! Time exceeded it’s limits first and then question- answer lasted longer than expected. Prof. Leo Lobo and Dr. Amit Goswamy interacted with the parents over hot tea & snacks. The workshop gave directions to the mind, body & behavior of anxious parents.

Participants undertaking one of the exercises in Professionals Workshop

November 27 was unlike sleepy Sundays for Sundernagar and Hotel Chinar was buzzing with lots of activity. It was NLP Workshop for Professionals. One day –long workshop dedicated to teach then visualization, goal setting, anchoring beliefs and how to remain in a state of excellence all the time for maximum performance in their respective fields. They felt amazed. The changes experienced by them were quick & lasting. It had engineers, bankers, lawyers, consultants,doctors, students, sales people, managers & Teachers. A Unique blend of people from all backgrounds. They learnt to synchronise their Mind, Body & Energies in a real & powerful way. Whole day long, they kept interacting,participating, laughing, asking. They promised to take those positive learnings to others.

Participants in NLP Workshop for Professionals

On November 28 MLSM College witnessed first of its kind ever ‘NLP Workshop for Teachers’. The last workshop taught the teachers how to bring the maximum out of students and how to understand the various subconscious processes undergoing in the classroom. Teddy’s story brought out tears in their eyes. It taught them the power & responsibility of being a teacher & also enjoy & have fun! The hesitant student soon turned into confident beings asking questions, challenging assumptions, putting feedback in. For many of students, on their own words, this was the Best & Most Powerful Day of Their Lives! It ended with a dance they all will remember for long time.

Leo changing beliefs of particpants in Teachers Workshop

NLP Workshops for Professional Excellence, Parenting and Teaching

Under Project ‘LEAD’ Centre for Sustainable Development is organizing NLP workshops for Professional Excellence, Parenting and Teaching. The workshops are being organised at Sundernagar from November 26 to November 28,2011. Due to increase in competitiveness at global level our professional as well as personal life is facing a rapid transition the world over and several new techniques are being used for optimum performance and excellence. NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming) is one of such functional branches of Psychology. NLP is the study and application of models of human excellence. It offers techniques to transform innate potential into performance in both personal and professional life. It focuses on the principles and techniques that are easily applicable to leadership, management, and change, in business, and at home. It is usually believed that some people are naturally talented or that they have acquired a level of excellence through practice and experience. NLP side-steps these answers by focussing not on what has made the difference in the past between two people of different abilities, but on what can be done now to develop a competent person’s performance closer to a level of excellence.
Workshop on Parenting:Bring the Genius out of your CHILD aims at :
(Venue: Hotel Chinar Date: Novemeber 26,2011 Time: 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM)

• Understanding child.
• Handling difficulties at every stage of develop of child.
• Establishing & maintaining your communication with the child.
• Step-by-step ways towards creativity.
• Use your child’s unconscious to empower Child.
• Support Child to excel in academic while boosting their creativity.
• Staying calm & comfortable while handling difficulty.

Workshop on Professional Excellence :Unleash your Potential aims at:
(Venue: Hotel Chinar Date: Novemeber 27,2011 Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM)

• Increased productivity at workplace.(realistic goal setting, planning, acting & achieving)
• Improved attitude, team work and better communication skills. (high self image and interpersonal understanding)
• More job satisfaction and peace of mind.( stress management and handling difficulties)
• Improved customer service and satisfaction.(empathy and acting in best interests of both)

Workshop on Teaching :Excellence in Education aims:
(Venue: MLSM College Date: Novemeber 28,2011 Time: 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM)

• to enjoy being a teacher .
• to win the best out of student.
• To motivate the student.
• To handle tough situation in classroom.
• To help student dream big and achieve their goals.
• To understand the unconscious processes happening in the classroom and utilize them.
• To understand problems, pressures and anxieties of students. And how to address them while teaching.
• To channelize students energies for optimum performance.
• To have high self worth and self esteem.

Thess popular workshops are designed by Prof. Leo Lobo and Dr. Amit Goswamy and has helped thousands of professionals, teachers, parents and students in all parts of the country.
Prof. Leo Lobo
An NLP Master trainer involved in NLP training in India and abroad. He is trained and mentored by Dr. Richard Mc Hugh, the NLP master. He is also trained in Counseling, Gestalt therapy and photo language. He has conducted many NLP process laboratories helping people to get rejuvenated in life.
Dr. Amit Goswamy
Trained Clinical Hypnotherapist from California Hypnosis Institute and Vimhans Hospital New Delhi. Also trained in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Nero Linguistic Programming.
They have conducted many programs in India and overseas.

For details call:
Prashant Sharma: +91 94184-82434
Jitender Verma: +91 94184-59434

CSD and iMET Global kickstart ‘LEAD’

Project 'LEAD' an initiative of Centre for Sustainable Development and iMET Global

Centre for Sustainable Development(CSD) and iMET Global kick start project ‘LEAD’ (Leadership in Education for Action and Development). Objective of this program is to enhance functional, and to an extent sector- specific, competencies across levels, but also several –soft skills, such as communications skills, presentation skills, stress management and team building skills.
The biggest challenge for professional graduates is unemploybility due to lack of functional skills. A recent survey by NASSCOM-Mckinsey has pointed out that only 1 in 4 professional graduate is employable. Shortfall in appropriately trained faculty is another aspect of the issue. The students usually focus in scoring higher grades in examinations but do not get opportunities to improve functional skills like leadership, interpersonal skills, project management, decision making, interdisciplinary knowledge, crisis management, creativity, innovation, communication skills.
As part of project ‘LEAD’ CSD and iMET Global jointly organised Career Meets on “Grooming Student: Discover, Learn & Prepare To Meet Industry Expectations” from 20-22 October,2011 at SIRDA Institute of Engineering and Technology, TR Abhilashi Memorial Institute of Engineering and Technology and Government Polytechnic College Sundernagar.
The themes and various sessions covered under the program were

Deepak Goel in one of the interactive sessions

Session-I Ice Breaking
Mentor: Deepak Goel, CEO, BFG Corporation

Breaking perceptions and myths about Professional Personality.
Questions, concerns and inhibitions that are always there in students’ mind.

Session-II Insights to Industry Functioning.
Mentor: Deepak Goel, CEO, BFG Corporation
Expectations of Industry.
What is a Professional Personality.
Meeting industry expectations.
Preparing for GD & PI

Participants taking questionnaire on personality assessment

Session-III Questionnaire on Personality- Self Assessment
Mentor: Jitender Verma, Founder, CSD
Rate yourself on various skills.
Get an objective assessment of areas of your personality you need to work.

Participants learning NLP techniques with Dr. Pawnesh

Session-IV Goal Setting using NLP Techniques
Mentor: Dr. Pawnesh Kumar, NLP, Master Practitioner

Identify your Professional Goals
Achieve your Professional Goals (using NLP Techniques)

Session-V Interaction with the Experts


Career Meets were organised with support from Ashima Kalra, Rosy Ohri, Piyush Khosla, Prashant Sharma, Prem Singh Thakur and Bhupesh Kumar.
The students of these colleges had never attended such a program before. Sahil, one of the participants says,” Career Meet helped me understand the industry expectations and I also learnt how to prepare for a professional life”. Jagriti another participants says,’ It was really too good and valuable for me… it was so motivating, and energatic.. I wish to join such a nice porgram again and again..”

Participants at SIET

Blood Donation Awareness Program

A poster by one of the participant

Centre for Sustainable Development organised awareness program on Voluntary Blood donation at DAV Centenary Public School, Mandi. Students from various schools participated in the program.Every year, 6.1 million units of blood are collected in India as against the actual requirement of 8.5 million units. Every year millions of people die waiting for blood transfusion. Most of the voluntary blood donations come from youth in schools and colleges. Only 350 ml blood is withdrawn once and a person should donate only once in two months.

Ashutosh Pal, Champa Sharma, Rupeshwari Sharma, RK panchhi, Praveen Sharma, Dinesh Sharma and Jitender Verma on the occasion

National Voluntary Blood Donation Day is celebrated on October 1 every year to to promote voluntary blood donation. The objective of the program was to make youth aware about the Voluntary Blood Donation. A small donation from us can give life to somebody.
Inter-school declamation, poster and slogan writing competition were organised on this occasion. Students from NCMSS, DAV CPS, GGSPHS, DAV Public School, GSSS(B), GSSS(G), MPS, Indus World School, KV participated in the program. Sh. R.K. Panchhi, renound literary figure in Mandayali literature, Ms. Rupeshwari Sharma, a renound folk singer and Ms. Champa Sharma were the judges for the event. Judges had real tough time deciding the winners for the competitions. Jitender Verma, Prem Singh Thakur, Praveen Sharma, Dinesh Sharma and Ashutosh Pal were also present on this occasion. Archit Malhotra from DAV CPS, Rohini Sethi from DAV CPS and Jinia from GSSS (Girls) were adjudged 1st, 2nd and 3rd in declamation while Vasudha Kapoor from DAV CPS and Shivani Negi from Kendriya Vidayalaya were given consolation prize. In Slogan Writing Deep Shikha from Indus World School, Divya from Kendriya Vidayalaya and Deepika from DAV CPS were adjudged 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively while Prajanya from DAV CPS and Nirbhay from Indus World School were given Consolation prizes. In poster making Competition Naveen from GSSS(Boys), Kriti from Dav CPS, Manpreet Singh from SVM Sr. Sec. School were adjudged 1st, 2nd and 3rd while Taranbeer from SVM Sr. Sec. School and Shyam from DAV Public School were given consolation prize. The winners will be given away prizes by Dr.Rajiv Bindal, Health Minister, GoHP in a function to be held at Zonal Hospital Mandi

One of the participant

Poster Competition


Photography Workshop covered on ZEE

The photographic workshop organised jointly by IPP, Samhita and Centre for Sustainable Development has been covered widely by media here is video of coverage of workshop on ZEE Punjabi/Himachal 0n August8,2011

The workshop has also been covered by The Tribune

Students graduate in “Photography Workshop”

Rohit Rathour, SDM Chamba and DK Bhaskar, President, IPP looking at photo exhibition

Ten day Photography workshop being organised jointly by IPP-USA, Samhita and Centre for Sustainable concluded today at Paryavaran Chetna Kendra Sahoo.
More than 40 brilliantly colored photographs of daily life in Parotha, Paliur, Saaho and Jathera went on display in Saaho during the closing ceremony of a student photography workshop. Rohit Rathour, SDM Chamba was the chief guest on the occassion and he gave away certificates to the participants.

Rohit Rathour, SDM Chamba and DK Bhaskar giving away the certificates

Approximately 40 students age 11-15 participated in the 10-day photography workshop The goal of the project was not only to teach skills of photography to young people who had never handled cameras before, but also to help them see the beauty and tradition of their villages with fresh eyes. The students also presented a rich cultural program to conclude the workshop.

Students presenting folk theatre on the conlcluding day

Beena Devi, a student participant from the village of Soloh, said the photography workshop helped her gain a new awareness of her everyday activities.

Rishika Kapoor said that because of the variety of topics they were given to photograph it gave them an opportunity to think about aspects of their lives they had never fully considered before.

Participants presenting folk dance

Students were assigned to document home and family life, livelihoods, market and bazaar activity, health and hygiene, environment, religion and ritual, and women in society.

Some of the students also covered Minjar Fair and the procession through the community of Chamba and down to the river.

Bhutto Khan presenting Gujjari dance

Students were allowed to use cameras from Nikon for 10 days under the direction of internationally renowned photographer DK Bhaskar, president of IPP USA. Bhaskar is a native of Mysore who now lives in Kansas City in the USA. Also assisting with the workshop were Jitender Verma, Director (Projects) Center for Sustainable Development and Geetanjali Tiwari, India Coordinator, Center for Global and International Studies at the University of Kansas.

“The world is changing quickly around us. We sometimes don’t even notice it,” said Bhaskar. “But when the children take pictures of it we see it fresh through their eyes. And it helps us all appreciate the world again.”

The workshops taught the students to turn the cameras on and off, compose their pictures, and point and shoot the cameras. They were also taught how to take care of their cameras. They quickly learned on their own how to zoom in and out, review and delete photographs, and change other settings – even though all the internal camera instructions were in English, a language few of the students understood. Some of the participants even composed amazing close-up photographs of flowers using the camera’s macro setting.

Their amazing photographs included portraits of Guddis and Gujjars in the mountains around their villages, as well as of women cooking on fires in their home and craftspeople sewing and working work. One particularly charming image shows a baby on the roof of a house high above the clouds in the valley below.

“I think it brought a lot of community attention to the kids,“ said Tiwari. “I think that’s a reflection of the fresh attention the children and their cameras brought to life in the village.”

Chief Guest on the occasion Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Chamba Rohit Rathour said IPP had made a good start and that he hoped to help and follow up with some of the hard working and brilliant students in the project. He further added, some of the pictures would be used in the department brochures to showcase the diversity of the region.

Tom Grant of the University of Idaho, on his first visit to India, shot a video documentary of the project. He said the photographs of the children will be eye-opening to Americans. “Few people realize that children like Bhutto Khan and Guddo Devi walk two hours up and down the mountain every day to get to school,” Grant said. “And when they see those children’s astounding photographs, they’ll get a new appreciation for the intelligence and dedication of children in India.”

Jitender Verma, Director , Centre for Sustainable Development, said ,”Objective of conducting this workshop is not only to document transition happening in our society but also to bring about a change in the perception of children towards their culture, traditions and environment.”